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Last Updated on Monday, 03 August 2015 19:52

Lots of things going on with our Foundation! We recently changed our name to the Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation. Please read Nick Assendelft's article on the front page for details.

And, welcome to our new Web site! We have selected a system many of us can use to update the site continually so we can be more informative and current. (It's pretty user-friendly; I'm even updating items!)  It would be great to get contributions from all of you! We are updating and adding information, so please check back periodically for additional articles, news about events and much more.

We are also very excited about our 7th biennual conference in July. We have been busy getting the details together. To learn more about it, click on the "2010 Conference" link on the left side of this page and check out the registration packet. It has information about the agenda, childcare, the hotel and Greenville. You can register online or through the mail.

All the work putting together the conference, designing the Web site, writing the newsletter, putting together a research plan, filing non-profit papers with all the states, keeping track of donations, initiating fundraising and many more activities have been done by your Board of Directors and committee members, who are all volunteers. A huge thanks to everyone for all the hard work, and especially to Eric Youngquist for taking hold of the Web site revamp and getting it going.

With our population growing and our intent to get more involved in research, we needed to establish an office and hire some help. We have our first employee and an office in Venice, Fla. You may have seen Dianna on Facebook and Twitter. Please feel free to call and say hi to her anytime.

We welcome your suggestions, your comments and your help.  Call us, write us or visit us!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 July 2015 20:41

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